The method in short

A two-component silicone is pumped seperatly from a barrel pump and is mixed in a static mixer.

The mixer pipe is fixated to a robot which applies the gasket directly on the detail according to a preprogrammed pattern. After that the gasket is cured in an owen, and the final result will be a high quality sealing that are integrated with the detail. The method can also be used to glue details of different materials, since the silicone sticks to most materials.

To the right in front you can see a two-component barrel pump (DOPAG). To the left in front you can see a linear robot (YAMAHA). The linear robot is perfect for dispensing gaskets because it is designed to perform linear and circular movements far out in the working area. Also the programming is made with numerical points in the program instead of  coordinates. You can adjust the points without resetting the program. Changing or adjusting big patterns can be done very effective and time saving. YAMAHA:s controllers are equipped with a RS232- port so you can perform external direct commands during a adjusting process.

In the background you can slightly see the oven (Electrolux), not a new model but an effective one. You load the details into the oven with separate bricks and a brick carriage.